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The Finnish Institute of International Affairs is a Helsinki-based independent research institute that produces high level research to support political decision-making and public debate both nationally and internationally. Its three research programmes are:

  • The EU research programme (director Juha Jokela). The European Union research programme focuses on the European External Action Service, EU’s external representation, Common Foreign and Security Policy, Common Security, Defence Policy, neighbourhood policy and energy security. The programme addresses the relations between external and internal security by focusing on terrorism and radicalization as well as related institutional development and decision-making.
  • The EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research programme (director Arkady Moshes). The programme studies the Eastern European environment with a special focus on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. In particular, the programme concentrates on political developments in the region, the dynamics of policy-making: actors, networks and shifts in interests and power. It also studies international relations in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood and the relationship between the region and the EU, especially development of the EU’s Eastern Partnership with Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • The Global Security research programme (director Mikael Wigell). The Global Security research programme approaches global security challenges within the framework of broad security. The programme seeks to understand the global trajectories of security that have significance for the European and Finnish security environments. The issues approached include the prospects for global governance systems, changes in the major power structure, significant factors in functional and regional security and insecurity, global challenges, such as the climate change, the role of the transatlantic relationship in world politics, and the different dimensions of the European security policy.

In addition, the Institute has several on-going projects which transcend the boundaries of the research programmes.

The Institute was established by the Parliament of Finland in its centennial plenum in June 2006 and the Parliament also provides the Institute’s basic funding. The Institute is autonomous in its research activities and is governed by a nine-member Board, assisted by an Advisory Council and a scientific advisory council. All FIIA publications can be downloaded from the institute’s website free of charge.

FIIA researcher Juha Jokela is a member of the TEPSA Board.

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