Country: Georgia  

Research Director: Dr. Giorgi Khishtovani


Contact: PMC Research


PMC Research Center is an independent think tank, founded in 2010 in Georgia. PMC Research Center facilitates economic development by elaborating research-based policy options and capacity building focused on economic growth, freedom, and prosperity. The organization has extensive experience of supporting central and local governments by providing comprehensive research, policy recommendations, and technical assistance.

PMC Research Center provides expertise in the areas of economic affairs, education, public finances, EU integration, energy and environmental policy, trade, migration, rural and agricultural development and local governance. In its priority areas, the center conducts qualitative and quantitative research, specializing in research design, fieldwork management and rigorous data analysis. Based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis, the center publishes a variety of research outputs, including policy papers and policy briefs as well as periodic issues: monthly newsletter Economic Outlook and Indicators which analyzes various facets of Georgia’s socioeconomic development, monthly bulletin Hotel Price Index in Georgia, quarterly document Georgian Economic Climate in cooperation with the ifo Institute for Economic Research and semiannual publication Black Sea Bulletin. Research findings are followed by practical recommendations, elaborated in close cooperation with key stakeholders. PMC Research Center organizes public discussions in order to share its findings and disseminate its recommendations with target audiences.

PMC Research Center actively works with institutions from both, public and private sectors to strengthen their institutional and human capacity. The center bases its approach on perceiving organizations as adaptive systems and uses systemic tools for the identification and analysis of performance gaps. The most important element of the intervention is to move beyond training and coaching to cover the potential factors affecting performance, with an examination of the internal and external environment of a given organization. In recent years, PMC Research Center has successfully implemented institutional development and capacity building projects in public and private sector institutions in Georgia.

PMC Research Center not only promotes development but also values non-discrimination as well as transparency. PMC Research Center attaches great importance to gender equality and has a proven history and present of appointing female directors. Gender equality is also reflected in the composition of its research staff. Moreover, the transparency of its structure earned PMC Research Center the highest mark (five stars) by the organization Transparify which monitors the openness of think tanks around the world. PMC Research Center earned a 5-star award in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Legally, PMC Research Center is registered as an independent Georgian NGO, with a fully independent governance structure. Organizationally, synergies remain intact between PMC Research Center and PMCG, its parent company and one of the largest international consulting companies in Georgia. These synergies act as a means of ensuring intellectual and financial sustainability in the medium-term.

PMC Research Center has been supported by various international and government institutions, such as USAID, UNDP, European Commission, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Swiss Cooperation Office in Georgia, Open Society Foundation, International Visegrad Fund, Asian Development Bank (ADB), ADB Institute, CAREC Institute, Emerging Markets Forum, Konrad Adenauer Fund, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Economy of Georgia, State Commission on Migration Issues of Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

PMC Research Center is a member of TEPSA since January 2020.

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