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Director: Dr. Fuat Keyman



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Founded in 2001, the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) is a global policy research institution that specializes in key social and political issues ranging from democratization to climate change, transatlantic relations to conflict resolution and mediation. The IPC offers policy makers, academics, and young researchers a unique platform where sound academic research in social sciences shapes hands-on policy work.

The IPC organizes and conducts its research under five clusters:

  1. The Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative
  • EU/German-Turkish Relations
  • Climate Change

2. Democratization and Institutional Reform

  • Checks and Balances Network
  • Promoting Transparency and Good Governance

3. SHURA Energy Transition Center

  • Renewable Energy Resources: Sun & Wind
  • Transformation of Energy Systems

4. Urbanization

  • City – Region
  • Local Governance and Development

5. Conflict Resolution & Mediation and Refugee Studies

  • Promoting Diversity and Combating Discriminatory Discourse against Refugees.

Composed of 50 researchers and administrative personnel, the IPC’s mission is to foster academic research in social sciences and its application to policy making. The IPC is firmly committed to providing decision makers, opinion leaders, academics, and the general public with innovative and objective analyses in key domestic and foreign policy issues.

The Center’s value-added contribution to academia and the public policy sector stems from its ability to track these developments closely and offer insightful evaluations on their meaning for Turkey’s global aspirations in a rapidly changing world. The IPC stands out from many of its peers with its exceptional access to intellectual capital and vast reserves of scientific knowledge at Sabancı University.

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