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Directors: Alexandra Toderița, Ruxandra Popescu, Bianca Toma


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The Romanian Centre for European Policies joined the TEPSA network in October 2013. CRPE is a think-tank established in 2009 by a group of experts bound by the shared objective of supporting Romania’s role in Europe and the European Union in one of the newest democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. CRPE’s mission is to promote Romania as a coherent and influential actor in setting EU agendas and designing EU policies, as well as the continuation of Romania’s Europeanisation, through efficient governance, research and public debates focused on EU’s policies. CRPE has become one of the leading Romanian think-tanks, specialised in European Affairs with a specific focus on justice and anticorruption policies, foreign policy and Eastern enlargement (Eastern Partnership with a special focus on the Republic of Moldova – strategic partner for Romania’s development assistance), the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, Energy and Environment.

Based on the in house expertise of 10 staff members, CRPE research activities are completed by a network of 15 affiliated experts specialised on key areas. The programmes implemented by the CRPE in these ever-expanding policy areas have focused on several major objectives: publishing studies and research papers on EU public policies; promoting projects encouraging debates on European and Romanian public policies, in order to strengthen citizen participation in the EU decision-making process; providing innovative solutions for modernising the Romanian public administration; Initiating advocacy campaigns for good governance at the EU and Romanian levels; training courses on European issues. The constant acquisition of capabilities in research and promotion of policies on the public agenda are proven by the results the CRPE has achieved over its five years of activity, which have translated into: 62 policy briefs, policy memos and background papers, over 700 articles about the think tank’s activity published by national and international media, over 50 national and international conferences organised in Bucharest, Chisinau, Kiev and Brussels.

The CRPE’s recommendations have been very well received by decision-makers at the national and European level, with its expertise being used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania, the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs in Romania, the Department for European Affairs and the Romanian Presidency. Consequently, CRPE’s research reports and recommendation have been included in draft laws, for instance the recommendations on European affairs coordination between the Parliament and the Executive or the proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy reform.

Geographically the CRPE’s research has covered EU member states and Eastern Partnership countries – the subject of a consistent number of CRPE policy studies, tackling both specific issues of European integration and regional problematic. CRPE’s expertise refers to the way in which future Member States or candidates should shape their development policies so that they better align their assistance to the specificities of the local context and needs. Given the multitude of projects and activities CRPE has been undertaking in relation to Republic of Moldova and assuming the role of regional think tank on European integration, in 2012 the Romanian Centre for European Policies established its subsidiary in Chișinău. It was the logical step further, in ensuring not only proper and cost-effective organisation of all the project activities in the Republic of Moldova, but also better cooperation with the local civil society and with other NGOs in Eastern Partnership countries. The mission of CRPE Republic of Moldova is to promote an informed public debate on European policies and their implications for Republic of Moldova. Another major objective is to advance the Europeanisation process in Moldova and to promote its European integration by providing expertise. CRPE Republic of Moldova sets out to promote lifting barriers to the free movement of persons, merchandise and capital to the European Union and works to secure progress on political reform in Moldova by supporting Moldova’s prospective Association Agreement with the EU.

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