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The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska institutet, or UI for short) is one of the oldest institutes of its kind in Europe. Throughout the years, UI has provided an independent platform for research and information on foreign policy and international affairs. The institute’s mission to inform and enrich the public debate on foreign policy is more relevant than ever in today’s globalised society. Composed of approximately 60 members of staff, UI is an active institute in Sweden, Europe, and the world, delivering research, policy-oriented analysis, and public information through a variety of products and services, including seminars, podcasts, and publications.

Research at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs covers foreign policy, defence and security, and peace and development. The institute also conducts research on democracy and development, governance and institutions, and globalization and the information society. The research is organised around five geographic and one thematic focus area: Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, China, Eastern Europe, and Global politics and security. Some research projects span several continents and themes. Multidisciplinarity, geographic and thematic expertise, and clear societal relevance characterise UI’s research.

Most UI research is published internationally. In-house publications include UI Reports, UI Papers, and UI Briefs. In addition to the research publications, the researchers regularly comment on current affairs in news media, hold public lectures, and write op-eds and expert opinions for UI and other media channels. UI offers postdoctoral researchers a chance to carry out research at UI for a period of one to three years. The postdoctoral research programme is financed by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and is one of few such investments in international studies in Sweden.

As part of UI’s mission to improve the Swedish public’s understanding of international events, UI publishes a variety of well-regarded journals:

  • Utrikesmagasinet, an independently edited online magazine for everyone interested in foreign affairs and international relations. It offers analyses, commentaries, and interviews with the aim to widen perspectives and deepen knowledge.
  • Landguiden, a database containing information on all the world’s countries, as well as conflicts and organisations. It describes geography, population, culture, history, politics, economy and more. The editors monitor developments and update the database daily.
  • Utblick, a podcast about foreign affairs, offering conversations that go beyond the headlines on current events. It also delves into theories and concepts that are relevant for understanding international relations and global politics.

Swedish and international researchers, experts, political leaders, and journalists converge at UI for talks and debates about foreign and security policy. The institute organises around 60 seminars, lectures, conferences, and meetings on current international issues per year. Some events are arranged by UI only, while others are held in collaboration with other organisations, government agencies or private companies.

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