Country: Ukraine

Director General: Pavlo Pynzenyk

President: Yuriy Yakymenko


Contact: General Information

The Razumkov Centre is a non-governmental think tank founded in 1994. It carries out research on public policy in the following spheres:

  • domestic policy;
  • state administration;
  • economic policy;
  • energy;
  • foreign policy;
  • social and gender policy;
  • international and regional security;
  • national security and defence.

The Razumkov Centre unites experts in the fields of economy, energy, law, political sciences, international relations, military security, land relations, sociology, history and philosophy. The Centre has about 35 full-time employees, and over 100 staff members working on a contractual basis. The Ukrainian-wide public opinion polls of the Razumkov Centre Sociological Service are carried out by over 300 interviewers. The Razumkov Center’s budget in 2019 was about $1 million

Analytical materials of the Razumkov Centre are:

  • recognized and used by different political forces;
  • recognized by scientific and expert community;
  • presented on the web sites of the Government, some ministries and departments;
  • used as analytical and reference materials during the parliamentary heariings in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • listed as recommended for students of Ukrainian universities;
  • have a high index of quoting in Ukrainian and foreign mass media and scientific literature.

In 2004, on the International Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland) Razumkov Centre was named the best non-governmental organisation of Eastern Europe.

The quality of the Razumkov Centre’s research was confirmed by recognition of our Centre as the top think tank among leading analytical institutions of the Central and Eastern Europe, and its 44th rank among best think tanks in the world, according to the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index.

Mission of the Razumkov Centre

To encourage the building of a democratic, socially-oriented European state in Ukraine governed by the rule of law, and the development of civil society, improvement of the quality of life of its citizens, enhancement of the international image of the Ukrainian state and attainment of its national interests.

Strategic goals of the Razumkov Centre

  • Growth of the Centre’s influence on the authorities, public institutes and the public opinion for implementation of its political recommendations (policy) and spread of knowledge gained in the result of the research
  • Guarantee the high quality of analytical products of the Centre and the enhancement of its competitiveness on the international level
  • Provision of stable funding of the Centre in volumes sufficient for the attainment of its objectives

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