“Migrant Integration governance and outcomes in 25 EU regions: the MIPEX-R comparative analysis”, Francesco Pasetti et al. (CIDOB, Barcelona)

MIPEX-R represents an analytical tool that offers a specific and novel approach to compare regional integration models, identify their strengths and weaknesses and highlight possible directions for improvement. The REGIN project applied this newly developed tool to 25 regions in seven EU countries. This report presents the main results of this analysis. The first part provides a brief overview of the existing literature on migrant integration policies at the regional level. The second section presents the methodology used for the creation of the MIPEX-R tool, explaining its analytical approach, as well as its scope and limits. The third part delves into regions’ background, presenting their main characteristics, migration trends and outcomes. The fourth part examines the competences of the European regions in the field of migrant and refugee integration and sets the stage for the following section. The fifth section describes the main results of the cases analysed, highlighting the characteristic traits, strengths, and weaknesses of the regional governance of integration in comparative terms.

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