“Narratives of Political unity in Times of Differentiation”, Funda Tekin, Vittoria Meissner and Nils Fabian Müller (IEP, Germany)

Funda Tekin, Vittoria Meissner, Nils Fabian Müller, Third EU IDEA research paper: Narratives of Political unity in Times of Differentiation

 The heterogeneity between the countries of the European Union has grown continuously through enlargement processes and the outbreak of specific crises. After reaching important goals such as the European Monetary Union or the Schengen Agreement, representatives of the Member States of the European Union committed themselves to the motto “United in Diversity”, confident that the European project would be deepened and promoted. However, the crises in the Eurozone presented the European integration process and the political unity of the EU as member states with the same rights and obligations with a number of new challenges and made permanent forms of differentiated integration more likely. Against this background, the research paper “Narratives of Political Unity in Times of Differentiation”, which was published as part of the EU IDEA project, presents a new dataset that provides information on how the EU narrative of political unity and the resulting differentiated integration change in times of increasing political differentiation.

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