“Navigating High-Profile and Low Availability: Norway and the Emerging US Maritime-Strategic Approach”, Amund Lundesgaard (NUPI, Norway)

Despite a resurgence of Russian naval power, and subsequent increase in US maritime-strategic interest in the Northern Flank and Norway, the grand return of US naval forces to this region is unlikely. Rather, a combination of four separate but interconnected developments form the basis of a new, albeit unarticulated, US maritime-strategic approach to NATO’s Northern Flank.

This policy brief looks at these approaches and give the following recommendations:

  • Strengthen the Norwegian defence and naval budgets.
  • Continue and increase European defence integration and cooperation efforts such as Joint Expeditionary Force.
  • European operational planning should reflect the likelihood of limited US naval assistance in the initial phases of a conflict.
  • Work towards European cooperation on maritime out-of-area operations.
  • Explore the potential of replacing Marine Corps presence in Norway with that of the US Army.

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