New NUPI project examines root causes of migration in Africa and the Middle East (NUPI, Norway)

Since the global migration and refugee crisis reached Europe in 2015, a chorus of politicians across the continent vowed to “address the root causes of migration”. But do we fully understand what these “root causes” are, and if so, do we have the right tools to address them? Is, for instance, development assistance an effective way to regulate emigration from developing countries, and under what conditions?

These questions will be put under scrutiny by Norwegian and Polish researchers in the new EEA-funded project “Migration and Development: Sharing Knowledge between Norway and Poland” (MiDeShare). The two-year project is a collaboration between NUPI and the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) and will be led by Patryk Kugiel, Senior Analyst at PISM.

More information on the project are available here.