New Pact for Europe National Report: Italy, Riccardo Alcaro and Eleonora Poli (IAI, Italy)

This is the fifth in a series of National Reports to be published as part of the new phase of the New Pact for Europe project. According to the NPE Italian Reflection Group, the EU is stuck, with member countries prioritising national interests over the European ones, while problems in the economic, security and migration policy areas are far from overcome. Drawing on the discussions held amongst the members of the group, the report presents a set of conclusions on how to address the key challenges the Union and member states are facing at the moment, and calls on them to take action to boost the legitimacy of the European integration project.

The authors of this report are Riccardo Alcaro, research coordinator at the International Affairs Institute (IAI), and Eleonora Poli, researcher at the International Affairs Institute (IAI).

Follow this link to read the full report.