New PhD Candidates joined Sciences Po, CEE

Arnault Barichella, Sciences Po, CEE

Multi-level governance and the UN Climate Change Conferences: An analysis of how and why the interaction between the local, national and global levels of environmental governance can create an effective framework for addressing the systemic risk posed by climate change


Elena Escalante Block, Sciences Po, CEE

Inter-institutional conflicts in the European Union and their impact on national reforms and citizens’ perceptions



Zoé Evrard, Sciences Po, CEE & MaxPo

Quand la néolibéralisation a lieu via un consensus entre élites : le cas des démocraties consociatives




George Georgarakis, Sciences Po, CEE

Rallying around the flags. A comparative perspective on affect and national symbols: Evidence from France and the United States




Denys Gorbach, Sciences Po, CEE & MaxPo

Explaining populism in the post-Soviet Ukraine





Roberto Rodriguez, Sciences Po, CEE

L’interdépendance entre les domaines de politiques publiques dans les grandes métropoles : étude de cas comparée entre Mexico et Paris




Paulus Wagner, Sciences Po, CEE & LIEPP

Welfare regimes, Party Competition, and radical voting in the 21st century