New project awarded in “Support of VET in gastronomic sector towards CO2 neutral kitchen – Climate Cookbook” (IRMO, Croatia)

The project will explore the level of knowledge in VET (Vocational Education and Training) gastronomic sector – catering facilities in Croatia and Slovenia about the impact of their business on climate change. The project is implemented within “Erasmus+ 2022-2-HR01-KA210-VET-000094467” and it is funded through “Erasmus+ (KA210-VET) Small-Scale Partnership in Vocational Education and Training”. IRMO is coordinator of this project while Rogaška Slatina People’s University (LURS) from Slovenia is involved as a project partner. Based on the collected research results, an educational program on climate change and the possibilities of the gastronomic sector to reduce it will be prepared. A methodology will be prepared for the calculation of CO2 emissions for about twenty dishes traditionally offered in restaurants in Slovenia and Croatia. Recipes with a marked CO2 emission during their production will also be included in the Climate Cookbook, which will be presented to the general public. Restaurants participating in the project (one in each country) will highlight CO2 emissions on their daily menu. The presentation of this gastronomic offer and green image seek to encourage the gastronomic sector and the general public to think about the CO2 emissions of every dish they consume and thus support their green awareness for the benefit of the planet Earth.

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