New researchers at the IIR (IRR Czech Republic )

The IIR is pleased to announce the arrival of four new researchers. Barbara Gawęda, Jan Hornát, Alica Kizeková and Míla O’Sullivan all joined the IIR in October.

Alica Kizeková‘s interests include the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Czech foreign policy, Chinese and Russian foreign policy, regionalism and international security.

The other three researchers will be working within the framework of the research project Equality of Men and Women in Czech Foreign Policy and Development Cooperation:

Barbara Gawęda‘s research interests include gender politics, post-colonialism, nationalism and feminism.

Jan Hornát will be focussing on US-China relations, US domestic and foreign policy, territorial disagreements and theories of democratisation, amongst other areas.

Míla O’Sullivan will be working on topics such as gender in international relations, gender and development, gender mainstreaming, and the gender dimension of peace and security in theory and practice.