New Think Visegrad Fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague: Eoin Micheál McNamara (IIR, Czech Republic)

The International Relations Prague has a new visiting fellow, Eoin Micheál McNamara, thanks to the Think Visegrad Platform and its fellowship programme! Eoin Micheál McNamara is currently in the completing stages of a PhD in political science at the University of Tartu in Estonia. His monograph is focused on NATO stabilization strategy in Afghanistan. Since 2013, McNamara has taught extensively at Tartu’s Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, convening courses in: foreign policy analysis; transatlantic relations; EU security policy; alliances in international politics; and power in international politics. His research interests include: NATO transformation; comparative security policy in Central and Eastern Europe; Nordic-Baltic security; and the strategies of war in the contemporary world.

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