Newest Publications from the Institute of World Economics, Budapest

Miklós Somai, EU budget: less money, less Europe? The new MFF seen from the new member states’ perspective, In: Unia, No 1(218), January/February 2013, Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research, pp.13-21.

Gábor Túry, International Firm Responses to Crisis Impacts: The Case of the Automotive Industry, In: Michal Zajac and Roman Nowaczek (eds.), Airports and the Automotive Industry: Security Issues, Economic Efficiency and Environmental Impact, pp. 145-158.

Zsuzsa Ludvig (ed.), East European Studies No. 4. Eurasian Challenges – Partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area, Budapest, 2013, 164 p., Under edition, Institute of World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ISSN 2063-9465