News from the Institute of International Relations, Prague

Presentation of policy papers on “What Should the New European Commission Do about the Western Balkans?”

Czech-republicThe Institute of International Relations organized a presentation of policy papers by Tomáš Dopita and Anes Makul with a subsequent discussion on “What Should the New European Commission Do About the Western Balkans?”.

The Czech Republic has been one of the foremost supporters of the enlargement process in the Western Balkans. However, recently the public support for enlargement has decreased significantly in the EU and the Czech Republic alike, and the newly elected President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker declared that no further enlargement will take place over the next five years. Moreover, while the current enlargement policies work well with most of the Western Balkan countries; Bosnia and Herzegovina is left to fail in this respect because it is not able to speak with a single voice. Can it be that the European public could block enlargement to the Western Balkans for much longer than “only” five years?.

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