News from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

FIIA-sth-niceSusanna Huovinen chairs FIIA Advisory Council

FIIA Advisory Council, appointed by the Chancellery Commission of the Finnish Parliament, convened in its current composition for the first time on 22 September. The Council selected MP Susanna Huovinen to chair and MP Antti Kaikkonen to vice-chair the body.

The Council’s duties include monitoring the Institute’s operations and liaising with relevant FIIA stakeholders. In addition, the Advisory Council monitors the societal impact of the Institute’s activities. The Council serves a four-year term of office, which commenced in June 2015.

Jyrki Kallio awarded

FIIA’s Senior Research Fellow Jyrki Kallio has been awarded the Centennial Prize of the Joel Toivola Foundation as recognition for his merits in the field of China research. The Foundation commends Kallio especially for his ability to connect China’s long history with contemporary issues. Kallio’s main research interests encompass China’s foreign policy and political culture.

The Prize was awarded on 22 October at the China Research Day conference organised by FIIA and sponsored by the Joel Toivola Foundation.

In April, Kallio was awarded the J.A. Hollo Prize for his monograph on Confucianism (2014). The Prize is given annually to an exceptionally high-quality translation of a non-fiction book into Finnish.