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The Truth about Lies on Europe. Zur Dekonstruktion von Vorurteilen und Feindbildern über Europa.

Institut für Europäische Politik in cooperation with „Das Progressive Zentrum“ financially supported by Stiftung Mercator.

Project period: 01 June 2015 – 31 May 2017

For a long time a general pro-european consensus has prevailed in Germany. In recent years, however, euroscepticism is also on the rise in Germany. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) was elected into the European Parliament in 2014 with 7.1% of the votes and entered the parliaments of the Länder Brandenburg and Thüringen in 2014 with more than 10% votes. Movements such as PEGIDA and the anti TTIP movement add to the eurosceptic trends in Germany.

Against this backdrop, the project “The Truth about Lies on Europe” aims at identifying and deconstructing the ‘myths’ and prejudices on Europe in the German debate. The general objective is the objectification of the debate through a thorough analysis and assessment of eurosceptic claims and propositions. In a second step the project aims at debating the research results with multipliers and informing political and civil society actors on the truth and lies within the eurosceptic debate in Germany. Communication tools will be the project’s website, social media and fact sheets on individual eurosceptic claims.

Contact: Dr. Funda Tekin, Senior Researcher, Institut für Europäische Politik,