News from the Institute of International Affairs (FIIA)

Senior Research Fellow Jyrki Kallio has been awarded the J. A. Hollo Prize for the best non-fiction translation published in 2014. The book, Mestari Kongin keskuste­lut – kungfutselaisuuden ydinolemus (“The Discourses of Master Kong – The Essence of Confucianism”), comprises a critical translation of Confucius’s Analects, as well as excerpts from other key texts.


Call for Papers

Finnish Foreign Policy Papers series is designed to advance scholarship and debate on issues related to Finnish foreign policy. Submissions to the series are wel­comed from relevant fields of study (e.g. International Relations or Contemporary History).

Papers are expected to have rel­evance to academic, policy and/or practitioner audiences. Papers can be published in Finnish or English and they can vary in length but they have to be a minimum of 25 000 charac­ters. Oxford referencing style is used.

 Submissions may be sent to Publications Editor Juha Mäkinen ( Submissions will receive a limited review result­ing in a decision on whether the paper will be published.