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ILA Conference in Johannesburg

On 7 – 11 August 2016, the 77th biannual conference of the International Law Association (ILA) took place in the largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg. Its Czech branch was represented by Prof. Veronika Bílková from the Institute of International Relations Prague.

Mark Galeotti joined the IIR Team

Galeotti IIR

The Institute of International Relations Prague is pleased to welcome our newest colleague – Mark Galeotti, a widely recognized international expert on transnational crime and Russian security affairs. You may find Mark Galeotti’s media contributions on our website.

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An interview with Petr Kratochvíl: “Return of Ambassador to Havana”

Havana IIR

“After a gap of 27 years, the Czech Republic will soon once again have an ambassador in Cuba. Ties between the two countries cooled with the advent of democracy in the then Czechoslovakia, but in the last couple of years Prague has been making great efforts to improve relations with the communist state.” Director of the Institute of International Relations, Petr Kratochvíl, talked with Ian Willoughby from Radio Prague about why such a change has developed at this point in time.

An interview with Dr. Mark Galeotti: “Spies, Lies, and Head Games”

“The use of subterfuge, deception, diversion, and deceit to divide and confuse Western societies has long been part of the Kremlin’s international playbook. In recent years, Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin has revived and escalated this tactic – and updated it for the digital age.” Mark Galeotti as one of the guests of the Power Vertical Podcast of Radio Free Europe looked closely at Russia’s active measures and their effectiveness – or ineffectiveness.

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