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weblogo_CES_gb_RGB_221x96Introducing the new Centre for European Security

As Director Petr Kratochvíl noted when launching the Centre for European Security (CES) at the Prague Agenda Conference, the post-Cold War order and the European security landscape are changing rapidly and significantly, and the EU and its member states face new challenges at home and abroad. It is in this context that the IIR has established its new CES. The Centre will take up the challenge of exploring the new contours of the emerging global security (dis)order from a European – and particularly Central European – perspective. The CES is unique in the region in that it brings together experts from the fields of Security Studies and European Studies and in that it approaches security in the distinctly European ways that have emerged in the last twenty years. The Centre uses academic excellence as the basis for informing policy and public debates on security and is well positioned to provide fresh insight into security in Europe, the security of Europe and the role of the EU and its member states as security actors.

More information about CES here