News from the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

logo uiUI, together with members of the EU-ANVIL FP7 project (including TEPSA colleagues from the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) and Insituto Affari Internatzionali (IAI)), is finalizing a two year research project on Civil Security Systems in Europe. The project aimed to compare legal, cultural, organisational and operational diversity amongst domestic civil security systems, under the premise that no one secruity model fits all. The project categorises systems in terms of key variables, such as centralisation/decentralisation, all-hazards/sectoral approaches, legal framework laws/sectoral laws, volunteerism/statism, etc. It outlines the most effective role for the EU to play, including facilitator of bottom-up cooperation approaches and platform for best practice sharing. It eschews top-down legalistic approaches. Findings and more information on the proeject can be found here.