News from the The Finnish institute of International Affairs

FIIA-sth-niceFIIA has launched a research project on Russia’s changing role in Finland’s neighbouring areas. Meanwhile, Nordic international relations institutes will launch a researcher exchange programme which FIIA will coordinate.

A research project on Russia

FIIA is conducting a one-year research project entitled “Russia’s changing role in Finland’s neighbouring areas” with funding from the Prime Minister’s Office. The project is directed by Teija Tiilikainen and supervised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The first phase of the project examines Russia’s internal political situation, its energy and Arctic policies as well as its role in the Baltic Sea region security environment. The second phase will focus on drawing conclusions for Finland. Several Briefing Papers will be published as part of the project. The final report will be delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office by June 2016.

Researcher exchange programme launched with Nordic institutes

FIIA will coordinate a 3-year researcher exchange project (2016–2018) between the Nordic institutes of international affairs (DIIS in Copenhagen, IIA in Reykjavik, NUPI in Oslo, UI in Stockholm and FIIA). The programme is financed under the forthcoming Finnish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The programme’s long-term goals are increased Nordic research cooperation in foreign and security policy, including joint applications for international research funding and greater Nordic mobility of researchers.

OSCE network’s contribution debated in Vienna

Director Teija Tiilikainen chaired a workshop with the OSCE network of think tanks and academic institutions in Vienna on 1 September. The workshop finalised the network’s report on the functioning of the OSCE which has been prepared to support the work of the Panel of Eminent Persons. Tiilikainen is a member of the panel which provides advice on how to reconsolidate European security.

The network’s report will be presented at the Belgrade Security Forum and submitted to the Panel of Eminent Persons in early October.