Nina Pejič participated at the Workshop and Roundtable “Coexistence with Artificial Intelligence: Vision of Society 5.0” (CIR, Slovenia)

Assist. Nina Pejič, junior research fellow at the Centre of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (CIR), participated at the International Workshop and Roundtable titled ‘Coexistence with Artificial Intelligence: Vision of Society 5.0’. The event was organised by the Institute 14 and the European Liberal Forum (ELF) and took place at the Creative centre Poligon in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 21 November 2019. Both the workshop and round table discussions focused on the issues of the coexistence of human and artificial intelligence (AI) and regulation of AI. At the round table, Ms Pejič addressed the role of AI superpowers such as People’s Republic of China and the United States on the development of AI innovation ecosystem in Europe. Other speakers at the roundtable included dr. Janek Musek (Ethics and Values Institute Jože Trontelj), dr. Dan Podjed (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts), dr. Aljaž Košmerlj (Institute Jožef Stefan), dr. Ivan Bratko (Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana), Jonas Valbjørn Andersen (IT University Copenhagen), and Paul Kuyer (Dublin City University).

You can find a summary of the discussion together with links to audio and video recordings of the event here.