Nominations and prizes at the Sciences Po, Paris

LOGO ScPoLast year, Virginie Guiraudon was elected for 4 years to serve on the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies and has just been elected to the Executive Committee of the section “European politics and society of the American Political Science Association” (APSA). She has been appointed to the Belgian FNRS from 2013 as a member of the FORESIGHT interdisciplinary board and as a member of the Social science and humanities committee. More information here.

Agathe Voisin has been awarded the Albert Memmi Prize at the occasion of the international symposium dedicated to Attitudinal change towards Jews and Muslims in France in a comparative perspective which has been organised by the CEE on 18-20 April 2003. Her poster on “Ethnicity in young lives at a time of hardening nationalistic and identity tensions. From discriminations to new individuations in French and British societies” shows how young people live and politicize discrimination differently in Bondy and Newham. This award is funded by the French Association of Political Science, the Open Society Foundation  and the POLINE (“Politics of Inequalities”) network. More information here.