“Norwegians adapting to a changing world”, Øyvind Svendsen and Åsmund Weltzien (NUPI, Norway)

The world as we have come to know it is changing. Some of the core principles of the rules-based liberal international order are being challenged. The established truths and practices that we have based our foreign policies on are put into question. How do Norwegians respond to these changes? What are their views of Norwegian foreign policy?

Just before the Corona crisis hit Norway, NUPI conducted an opinion poll in the Norwegian population asking about foreign and security policy. The answers tell the story of a people adapting reluctantly to international change. The survey results reveal a slight Europeanist trend, with broad support for cooperation with European partners Germany, France and the UK. And on Brexit, the report finds that Norwegians want cooperation in foreign policy not to be hampered by the troubled UK exit from the EU. However, Norwegians are still firmly decided on not joining the European Union, and quite content with their current agreements with the EU.

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