NUPI Podcast episode: “Is the EU ready to handle the major challenges it is facing?” (NUPI, Norway)

In his thought-provoking book from 2017, After Europe, Ivan Krastev reflects on the future of the EU – arguing that “[the] European Union is going through a really bad time today, torn apart by numerous crises that damage confidence in the future of the project among citizens across the continent (making) the disintegration of the union one of the possible outcomes”.

At this NUPI seminar on 21 November, Ivan Krastev discussed whether the EU is ready to handle major challenges such as migration, the spread of right-wing populism, and instability in the East. Although Krastev emphasized that Europe has failed repeatedly the past 70 years, he focused on four crises that have basically been shaping the European Union the past decade.

You can find the whole podcast here.