Online Course: “Data Protection: Refresher and Advanced Course for DPOs and Data Protection Experts”, October 9-13 (EIPA, Maastricht)

The course Data Protection: Refresher and Advanced Course for DPOs and Data Protection Experts and Hands-on Module will allow you to immerse yourself in one week solely dedicated to data protection issues. These two modules will provide you with substantial knowledge in the field of data protection as well as practical knowledge on how to apply it, in the form of interactive workshops.

You can choose to book only:

  • Data Protection: Refresher and Advanced course for DPOs and Data Protection Experts – if you want to renew your DPO certification
  • Data Protection: Hands-on module – if you do not want to renew your DPO certification but only want to complement your knowledge with practical ‘on the job’ workshops

Module 1 – Refresher and Advanced Course for DPOs and Data Protection Experts (9-11 October)

We believe in constantly updating professional knowledge, particularly in the field of data protection. In a time of unprecedented challenges posed by ever-evolving technologies and different ways to use personal data, continuous learning and updating your expertise is crucial.

The data protection officer (DPO) is a key element of accountability in every organisation as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) And Regulation 2018/1725 (EUDPR). However, the expectations and knowledge required for the DPO are multifaceted. That requires not only mastering the GDPR or the EUDPR, but also being familiar with practical aspects of ensuring secure personal data processing and responding to data breaches.

This is why a multifaceted approach in delivering this Refresher and Advanced Course for DPOs and Data Protection Experts course is paramount. Experts and practitioners at the forefront of data protection will guide you along the legal framework of the European data protection legislation, while elaborating on some of the most pressing privacy-related issues that have emerged in the context of the pandemic.

This course is designed to help you to refresh and update your data protection knowledge. Concrete examples regarding the data protection legislative framework, analysis of the new CJEU case law, guidelines from the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) as well as relevant and realistic case studies will help you to refine your expertise and deepen your understanding of your duties and responsibilities. You will be able to benefit from the knowledge of the trainers to support the performance of your daily tasks, make it easier to deal with challenging and complex issues in a structured way, and take decisions that are pragmatic, but still compliant.

Module 2 – Hands-on Module (12-13 October)

User-generated data and the exponential industrial value of data is increasing every day. Therefore, putting together a formal set of data protection policies and procedures is essential, regardless of the size of your company or the sector it operates within. This significant step in data protection compliance is crucial to ensuring your business is built to protect the information you process on employees, customers, partners and all other parties whose data may come into your possession. Lastly, it is crucial to put in place safeguards after experiencing a data breach.

Do you need practical knowledge on how to deal with data protection related issues? Are you in doubt about how to implement requirements set out in the GDPR or EUDPR in your organisation? Do you have the knowledge but lack practical experience in the data protection field?

This course is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience to complement your existing knowledge in the field of data protection. The hands-on module is primarily focused on enhancing the day-to-day work of DPOs and anyone working in the field of data protection. You will benefit from the trainers’ knowledge and practical experience by participating in the interactive workshops.

The hands-on module is an extraordinary opportunity to put your data protection knowledge into practice. This course employs a methodology focused on practical workshops that will be moderated by practitioners in the field. The workshops will use various simulations that will allow you to learn by doing.

What will you learn:

  • How to deal with controllers’ expectations and manage diverging objectives in the business environment (stakeholder management);
  • How to ensure data protection by design and by default in a fast-changing digital and legal environment;
  • How to assess data protection compliance and how it is interlinked with IT security;
  • Risk analysis and management;
  • How to assess issues related to personal data transfers;
  • What actions to take in case of personal data breaches;
  • How to implement controls;
  • The tasks and responsibilities of the DPO;
  • How to audit an ICT provider;
  • The difference between anonymisation, pseudo-anonymisation and encryption;
  • How to conduct a data protection impact assessment;
  • What is a data processing agreement and its practical implications;
  • How to counter opposition from the rest of the organisation – a view from the DPO perspective;
  • How to ensure data protection compliant migration to a cloud computing service provider;
  • How to draft a data breach protocol and effectively raise awareness;
  • How to act after a significant data breach, including audit and lessons learnt.

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