Online Course: “Quantification and Monetisation in the Context of Better Regulation”, April 11-13 (EIPA, Maastricht)

How can you assess the impacts of policy proposals? How can you enhance your knowledge on methods and tools used to monetise the results and impacts of policies? What skills you need to develop to help your organisation better design and assess the impacts of policy interventions?

This training will enhance your ability to quantify and monetise the impacts of policy interventions with a view to improving the quality and raising the standards of ex ante impact assessments and ex post evaluations carried out by your organisation, irrespective of whether they are supported by EU funds.

The introductory module: Refresh your knowledge on the key concepts of better regulation (BR) and how they are applied across the policymaking cycle. Learn how the better regulation tools are used in the European Commission (EC), and how regulatory impact assessments and evaluations are conducted in practice.

Core module: Learn how to incorporate tried and tested quantification and monetisation techniques in your impact assessments and evaluations. Understand the use of quantification and monetisation as a key aspect to ensure evidence-informed policymaking. Gain insights into mapping impacts, collecting data to analyse them and a variety of methods for analysing impacts. Gain a deeper understanding of the common methods of valuing impacts (both market and non-market methods).

In this course you will learn:

  • the role and importance of quantification in policy evaluation;
  • to determine the main impacts of policy proposals;
  • to select the relevant data for quantifying the impacts;
  • to select the appropriate method for quantifying the impacts;
  • about the relevance of valuation of impacts.

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