Online Course: “Strategic and Sustainable Public Procurement: Making it Work for Crisis Recovery”, May 12-13 (EIPA, Maastricht)

How can we implement strategic procurement while complying with all the legal requirements? What type of clauses can we have in our contracts to use public money for sustainable, environmental and social buying of goods, works and services? What types of procedures are best suited to promote innovation strategically? What funds are available to support strategic public buying?

You will find answers to these and many other practical questions with this online course, while enhancing your ability to plan, implement and evaluate your public procurement decisions.

Over two days you will learn how to use procurement strategically, by going through the different phases of the contract with practitioners presenting their cases. The overview of real examples will shed light on the dos and don’ts of buying strategically while complying with the rules, and making the best use of public money.

What you will learn

You will gain knowledge, skills and methods on:

  • concepts of innovative green and social procurement;
  • principles and rules for compliance;
  • phases of the process, from needs assessment to final evaluation;
  • dos and don’ts in daily practice;
  • funds available for financing innovative, green and social procurement in Europe.

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