Online Event: “History by Numbers: The 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring and Arab Spring 2.0”, April 21 (IWE CERS, Hungary)

10 years after the waves of demonstrations that came to be known as the Arab Spring, the Migration Research Institute organizes a conference that aims to recollect and evaluate the recent developments in the Middle-East and North-Africa. What is the balance of the Arab Spring from a decade’s perspective? What kind of changes happened in the countries affected by the Arab Spring and what remains unchanged? What is the real significance of the events? The new waves of demonstrations that started in late 2018, which has been dubbed Arab Spring 2.0, is just a new episode of the same process, or is it a brand-new development? In what direction the Middle-East is headed? Is there a chance for a genuine political, economical, societal transformation and stabilization in the short-term or mid-term? These will be the main questions tackled by presenters.

The date of the online event: 21/04/2021 (Wednesday) 14:00−18.00.

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Registration deadline: 21/04/2021 (Wednesday) 13:00