Online Policy Dialogue: “Boosting AI uptake in Europe: Charting a path to growth and innovation”, February 23 (Egmont, Belgium)

With its world-leading AI research community and highly automated industry, Europe has powerful assets in the field of AI. Nevertheless, indicators show that there is currently a lack of private investment and a lag in the uptake and application of AI technologies in industry, business, and public governance. In part, the EU’s weaknesses in this field are due to the low fulfilment of prerequisites in areas such as access to data, sufficient connectivity and data infrastructure. Additionally, there is a pressing need to remove regulatory barriers to growth and innovation, and to boost the digital skills of Europe’s workforce.

At this EPC-Egmont online policy dialogue, EU officials and policy experts will discuss the conditions which Europe needs to fulfil in order to boost the uptake of AI and what the European Commission should include in its forthcoming AI framework.

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