Paris, 5-6 February 2009

“The French Presidency – a transformative moment for the EU?“

Cooperating institutes: Centre d’études et de recherches internationales and Centre d’études européennes (Sciences PO), Paris, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Cologne, Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Germany in the framework of the programme THESEUS (

The conference will address the question in how far the developments during the French Presidency constitute a transforming moment for the European Union: The “no” in the Irish Referendum, the Caucasus crisis and the financial crises have changed the context of European policies considerably. Still, the priorities already set out need to be continued: Climate, energy, agriculture and Foreign and Security Policy are only some of the topics addressed.

The conference will thus follow an interdisciplinary approach and involve economists, political scientists, lawyers and historians. TEPSA also hopes to continue its activities within the THESEUS project on the THESEUS summer schools; a decision on the application is expected before March.