Past events at the Sciences Po, Centre d’études européennes, January-June 2013

12.30 h – 14.30 h
L’ethnographie du politique et des politiques, une perspective pragmatique
12.30 h – 14.30 h
War Deaths: Are Incumbents Punished for Costly Policies?
12.30 h – 14.30 h
A political history of the future
12.30 h – 14.30 h
Les régions, les inégalités et les politiques publiques. Contribution à une sociologie comparée de l
12.30 h – 14.30 h
Analyse des politiques de santé publique
12.30 h – 14.30 h

Launch of the “European Parliament -Sciences Po Dialogue” At the European Parliament

In partnership with the European Parliament, the Sciences Po’s Centre d’études européennes (CEE) is launching a series of debates between researchers and politicians that will examine the critical challenges Europe faces at the federal and national levels.

At a time when the European Union is experiencing a backlash such debates – and the contribution that research conducted at Sciences Po can make to public policy – are much needed.

What are the fundamental changes facing European societies? How can European public policy be made more effective? How can European institutions evolve to become more democratic? How can policymakers tackle the challenges of globalization while maintaining a high level of social protection? These are the types of questions the discussions will address.

The first debate, held on 9 January 2013 at the European Parliament, focused on Union. The speakers included: Renaud Dehousse, Professor at Sciences Po and Director of the CEE; Bruno Palier, CNRS Research Professor at the CEE; Jerzy Buzek, Member of the European Parliament and former President of the European Parliament; Luigi Berlinguer, Member of the European Parliament and former Italian Minister of Education; Udo Bullmann, Member of the European Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the SPD delegation. More information available here.

AFSP’s project : PopAct – Opinion Publique et Action Publique

Organization : Céline Belot (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble, PACTE), Laurie Boussaguet (Sciences Po, CEE / Université de Rouen) and Charlotte Halpern (Sciences Po, CEE).