Past event from the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE)

Conference “Eastern Partnership and the EU perspective in the East – Eurosfat 2015”, 29 May 2015, Bucharest

EUROSFAT is the annual stakeholders’ forum on European affairs open to all relevant decision and policy makers as well as citizens interested in contributing to the European policies and challenges debates.

The agenda of this year’s EUROSFAT focused on the Eastern Partnership and the EU perspective in the East, Riga EaP summit conclusions, and the new challenges within the Black Sea Region. The conference was attended by high level officials and experts from Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, the Visegrad countries and the Baltic region.

Roundtable on “Creative Approaches to the relations between the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries”, 28 May 2015, Bucharest

The goal of the round table was to identify new approaches and cooperation projects between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries in the context of the current EU-Russia standoff.  The debates should positively contribute to transfer of experience and know-how from EU member states to the Eastern Partnership countries struggling with complex structural reforms in a challenging regional context.  The meeting in Bucharest was the first regional consultation held after the EU – Eastern Partnership summit in Riga, therefore it will represent a good opportunity to critically reflect on its main conclusions.

Roundtable onAn effective transposition of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive”,  supported by Raiffeisen Bank and CRPE, 16 June 2015, Bucahrest

Raiffeisen Bank, the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE) and Romanian Business Leaders organized the first extensive consultation regarding the transposition of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (2014/95/EU). The Directive provides for the adoption by Member States of rules whereby big companies report compliance with environmental standards, human rights, issues of integrity and anti-corruption practices.

The discussions were aimed at aligning private and state companies to European and global standards of good practice whereas as many companies as possible adopt an ethical standard for combating the offering and receiving of bribes. The participants also discussed public policies that encourage honest business practices.

The results of the comprehensive CRPE study “Non-Financial Reporting as Seen by Performers” were presented during the talks.

The consultation is a part of the “Partnership for integrity – Romanian Clean Business Coalition – Raiffeisen Bank” project, which facilitates the exchange of good practices and the transfer of expertise between business leaders, professional associations, public decision makers and ministries.