Past events at IAI – Summer 2016


26 September, Rome

“Economic Governance in the Euro Area – The Role of the ECB”. Seminar with Benoît Coeuré, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank within the framework of the project The future of the European economy, in cooperation with Centro Studi sul Federalismo (working language: Italian).


21 September, Turin

“A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy”. Last June 28 the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini presented to the European Council the new guiding document of the EU external action: the European Global Strategy (EGS). The EGS is looking to be very important for the future of EU foreign policy, not only because it aims to improve the response to the many international crises that surround the Union and it Member States, but also because it offers new opportunities to relaunch the integration process in one of it most challenging moments. The conference is organised with the International Affairs Programme of the Compagnia di San Paolo and in collaboration with the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) of Turin (working language: Italian).

15-16 September, Rome

German-Italian Strategic Forum on Europe”. This closed-door initiative – in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation – aims to create a regular annual forum to generate and sustain a substantive expert debate that can then feed back into a policy coordination process between Italian and German policymakers.

21 July, Rome

“The Foreign Policy of the Renzi’s Government and the post-Brexit options”. Presentation of the IAI’s report on the Italian foreign policy (working language: Italian).


18 July, Rome

“The British Europe Question and the Future of the United Kingdom”. Seminar with Etain Tannam, Assistant Professor International Peace Studies and Programme Coordinator, Trinity College, Dublin 2.


18 July, Ammam

“Re-Ordering the Middle East?”. Conference within the framework of the New-Med research network

14 July, Rome

Europe’s Strategic Options in the Mediterranean”. The Expert Seminar organised by  IAI in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Italia, discussed the main security challenges in and around the Southern Mediterranean region and Europe’s strategic options in addressing them. It gathered experts and institutional representatives from different European member states.