Past events at Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) – Summer 2014


3 July, Bruxelles, FEPS. Kick-off meeting of the IAI-FEPS project “Promoting stability and development in Africa: how to foster cooperation between public and private sector”. Upon invitation. Programme.

1 July, Rome, IAI, Seminar on “The Unfulfilled Promise: Completing the EU Enlargement to the Balkans. Presenting Possible Scenarios for the Balkans and Recommendations for the EU Member States”, in cooperation with the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB). Upon invitation. Programme.

30 June, Rome. Conference on “The Unhappy State of the Union: A new grand bargain for Europe”, with L. Tsoukalis in the framework of the conference series “The future of the European economy”. Programme.

27 June, Rome. Public presentation of the final report of the research project “Towards a More United and Effective Europe” Programme.

5 June, Rome. Conference on “Ukrainian crisis: the West and Russia at a crossroads” in cooperation with the International Centre for Policy Studies (Ucraina)   Programme   Video   Images

4-5 June, Turin. Workshop on “Global Mediterranean: a new agenda for multilateral security cooperation”, in cooperation with Compagnia di San Paolo, Mihistry of Foreign Affairs and Osce. Link