Past events at Real Instituto Elcano – Spring 2016



Presentation of the report “Spain in the World 2016: perspectives and challenges” and debate on the Spanish external action in this new political cycle’

18 February 2016

elcano 1Organised by Elcano Royal Institute. The analysts at the Elcano Royal Institute have written a collective report titled “España en el mundo durante 2016: perspectivas y desafíos”, which makes a prospective analysis on the Spanish external action towards the global, European and regional challenges to be addressed this year. Analysts from the main think-tanks on foreign affairs based in Spain debated on the foreign policy to be adopted in this new, complex political cycle. With the participation of Eduard Soler, Research Coordinator at CIDOB Barcelona Centre for International Affairs; Vicente Palacio, Deputy Director of OPEX, Fundación Alternativas; Francisco de Borja Lasheras, Deputy Director of ECFR Madrid office, and Ignacio Molina, Senior Analyst at Elcano Royal Institute. Moderated by Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute.

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Debate: “Schengen in danger: the European response to the migration and refugee crisis”

8 March 2016

Organised by Elcano Royal Institute with the collaboration of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. With the participation of Gil Arias Fernández, ex-Frontex Deputy Executive Director; Javier Carbajosa Sánchez, Spanish Embassador for the Special Mission of Migration Affairs; Alfred Pfaller, independent consultant and political economy analyst and RIE Senior Analysts Carmen González Enríquez and Félix Arteaga. Moderated by Emilio Lamo Espinosa, President of the Royal Institute Elcano.

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Roundtable Discussion “The new political and economic cycle in Latin America”

30 March 2016

Organised by Elcano Royal Institute. The Roundtable Discussion analysed the change in dynamics in Latin America with a special focus on the most relevant political and economic factors. With the participation of José Gasset, Head of International Relations at Iberdrola; José Antonio Ocampo, Professor at the University of Columbia and RIE Senior Analysts Federico Steinberg  and Carlos Malamud. Moderated by Rafael Estrella, Vice-president of the Elcano Royal Institute.

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International Colloquium: Spain-Israel: 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, Future Perspectives And Challenges

4 April 2016

elcano2Organised by The Latin American Unit at the Truman Institute, The Department of Romance and Latin American Studies and The European Forum at the Hebrew University, in collaboration with the Elcano Royal Institute. Charles Powell, director of the Elcano Royal Institute, and Gonzalo Escribano, director of the Energy and Climate Change Programme at the Elcano Royal Institute, participated in this colloquium.

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Elcano Debate “Europe’s Terrorism Threat: Challenges and Response”

14 April 2016

Organised by Elcano Royal Institute and Fundación Botín. The first cycle of “Elcano Debates”- after the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris we asked what is the nature of the current jihadists’ terrorist expressions in Europe, what are the internal and external dimensions of such threat and whether or not we are doing what needs to be done in terms of counter-terrorism policies and radicalization prevention. With the participation of Fernando Reinares, Director of Elcano’s Global Terrorism program; Jesús Núñez, Co-Director of the Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action and Carola García-Calvo, Analyst of Elcano’s Global Terrorism program. Moderated by Emilio Lamo Espinosa, President of the Elcano Royal Institute.

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Roundtable “The ASEAN Economic Community: Potentials and Opportunities for All”

20 april 2016


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Seminar “The geopolitics of TTIP”

21 April 2016


With a keynote speech by Jaime García Legaz, Deputy Minister for International Trade, Spain

The talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are surrounded by controversy. European concerns about investment arbitration, transparency, and environmental and health standards have fuelled public opposition to a transatlantic trade deal. But absent in the debate about TTIP is a fair consideration of its foreign policy and strategic impact: What does a successful TTIP mean from a foreign policy perspective? And what could its strategic merit be? How will TTIP affect third countries? And what happens if a deal does not materialise?

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