Past events at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) – Autumn 2014


Seminar, “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Challenges and Opportunities Ahead”
13 October 2014

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), in collaboration with the US Embassy in Stockholm, organized a seminar on the US-EU trade and investment partnership, (TTIP). Discussion covered such timely questions as what are public attitudes towards free trade agreement between the US and Europe? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead in light of the new European Commission and Parliament? Will the mid- term elections for US legislators change the composition dynamics to the benefit or detriment of TTIP passage?

The full seminar is available on Youtube.

Also view a UI Focus interview with Bruce Stokes, Director of global economic attitudes, Pew Research Center, on the topic.

Seminar, Transatlantic Trends Survey 2014
11 September 2014

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), the German Marshall Fund and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs held a seminar on the results of the Transatlantic Trends Survey 2014.
Transatlantic Trends is an annual survey measuring public opinion in the United States, Turkey, Russia, and ten European Union member states: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The survey explores how Europeans and Americans view the transatlantic relationship and different challenges facing the world. Sweden takes part in the survey for the fourth time this year.
The discussions covered: what actions are Europeans prepared to take to address the crisis in Ukraine? Is the EU doing enough to combat the economic crisis? Where do Americans want to work with Europe, and where do they want to work independently?

The full seminar is available on UI-play.

A UI Focus interview with Constance Stelzenmueller, German Marshall Fund can be found on Youtube.