Past events at the Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Autumn 2014

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Conference on Chinese investment and financial engagement in Visegrad countries
27 November 2014

On 27 November IWE and the Central European University (CEU) hosted a conference in Budapest, entitled Chinese investment and financial engagement in Visegrad countries. The conference, supported by the International Visegrad Fund, provided insight into Chinese investments in Visegrad countries before and after the crisis. In addition to the economic issues, the conference focused on the underlying political interests of both sides, while chances for possible cooperation among V4 countries were also be touched upon, too. Speakers at the conference included Prof. Dr. Guenter Heiduk, director of the East Asian Center at the Warsaw School of Economics, Dr. Lucia Husinecová, director of Institute of Asian Studies and Dr. Song Lilei, assistant director of the Center of European Studies at the Tongji University and Ágnes Szunomár (senior researcher of IWE). More information on the event coupled with several publications on the topic can be found here.

Thursday workshops – regular monthly workshop at IWE

Club Europe, 18 November 2014, Budapest.
Presentation of the annual report of the Hungarian European Business Council on “Sustainable and inclusive growth”.

International conference

12 November 2014, Danube University Krems, Austria. Keynote speech by Prof. András Inotai on “Possibilities of and limits to the European Union’s Danube Region Strategy”

International workshop on “Hidden Triggers of Economic Growth in V4 Plus Ukraine – Enhancing Ukraine’s Integration Chances”

24 October 2014, Cityhotel, Kiev. Two IWE senior researchers contributed to this event: András Deák and Sándor Meisel

Second High-level Forum on Global Governance

22 October 2014, Beijing. Introductory remarks by Prof. András Inotai on Global Economic Governance and the place and role of the European Union

Second High-level Forum on Global Governance

22 October 2014, Beijing. Introductory remarks by Prof. András Inotai on Global Economic Governance and the place and role of the European Union

Expert meeting of a Visegrad Fund project

22 October 2014, International Visegrad Fund, Bratislava. Gábor Túry (researcher at IWE) presented the main findings of the multiannual project, led by him, entitled: Prospects of the Visegrad cooperation in changing economic, political and social conditions

International conference at the Institute of European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

21 October 2014, Beijing. Presentation by Prof. András Inotai on “Strong and weak features of the European integration in the changing global framework”

International conference on Brazil’s relations to the EU and Hungary

20-21 October 2014, ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University), BudapestContribution of IWE researchers to this event:
Annamária Artner (senior researcher) “Brazil in the global system of capital accumulation”
Judit Ricz (visiting researcher) “The Brazilian developer state: past, present and future”
Ágnes Solti (junior researcher): “About Brazil’s aid policy vis-à-vis Latin-America and Africa”

Club Europe, 14 October 2014, Budapest

Presentation of two recent Bertelsmann Foundation studies (“Sustainable Governance Indicators” and “Social Justice in the EU”) by Dr. Daniel Schraad-Tischler and Dr. Christian Kroll, project managers, Bertelsmann Foundation

Club Europe (special meeting) 13 October 2014, Budapest

At this event outgoing European Commissioner, Dr. László Andor gave a presentations about the social aspects of a post-crisis Europe

International symposium

9-10 October 2014, National Defence University, Washington DC. Tamás Novák (senior researcher of IWE) contributed with a presentation to the event dedicated to the Western Balkans, organised by the Defence Intelligence Agency

General assembly of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe

6 October 2014, Klosterneuburg/Vienna. Panel discussion on “Crisis management required?” (Krisenmanagement gefragt?) with the participation of among others Dr. Erhard Busek and Prof. András Inotai

 Thursday workshops – regular monthly workshop at IWE

2 October 2014, Budapest
At the October event senior researcher of IWE, Zsuzsánna Biedermann gave an introductory lecture on “Dark pools, non-public trading and regulatory dilemmas of our time” followed by a lively debate (in Hungarian).

Club Europe, 16 September 2014, Budapest

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, director of the Research Center for European Integration (Zentrum für Europaeische Integrationsforschung – ZEI) at the University of Bonn. The professor gave a lecture on “The European Union after the elections and ahead of new challenges” followed by a long discussion.