Past events at the Elcano Royal Institute (Spain)

1.03.2017– Seminar: Where is Russia headed? Elcano Royal Institute.

The participants were Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Chairman of Elcano Royal Institute, Yuri P. Korchagin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Spain, Mira Milosevic-Juaristi, Senior Fellow of Elcano Royal Institute, Ivan Timofeev, Program Director of the Russian International Affairs Council, Vladislav Inozemtev, Director of the Moscow Center Research for Post-Industrial Studies, Ulrich Speck, Senior Research Fellow of Elcano Royal Institute in Brussels, Charles Powell, Director of Elcano Royal Institute, John Lough, Senior Associate Fellow of The Institute of Statecraft (UK), and Jeffrey Mankoff, Deputy Director Senior Fellow of the CSIS (USA).


15.03.2017- Conference: Spanish foreign policy in the year of Brexit and Trump. Elcano Royal Institute.

The participants were Carlota García Encina, Ignacio Molina and Federico Steinberg, researchers of Elcano Royal Institute. The moderator was Charles Powell, Director of Elcano Royal Institute.


28.03.2017– #DebatesElcano8. Challenges of the EU, sixty years later. Elcano Royal Institute and Botín Foundation.

The participants were Felipe González, ex-president of Spain, and Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Chairman of Elcano Royal Institute.


29.03.2017- Seminar: Woman’s role in the international jihadism and in the prevention of the violent radicalization and deradicalization. Elcano Royal Institute in partnership with the embassies of the UK, Canada and the USA in Spain.

The participants were Mia Bloom, Communication professor at Georgia State University, Carola García-Calvo, researcher of Elcano Royal Institute, Anamaría Cardona, Communication and Intercultural Relations advisor at Center for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence in Canada, Shereen Williams, of Newport County Council, Mª de la Luz González Martín, chief analyst of the Intelligent Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime, and Dolores Delgado, public prosecutor against jihadism terrorism of the National Audience. The moderators were Felipe Sahagún and Cristina Manzano, journalists and members of the Scientist Council of Elcano Royal Institute.


4.04.2017- 15th #ElcanoTalks, with Myriam Redondo. In the fifteenth edition of #Elcanotalks we talked with Myriam Redondo, journalist and university professor. With her, we discussed “Global Disinformation and Propaganda: Network Verification Strategies”.