Past events at the Institute for World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, September-December

vki_logo_sm20 October 2015 Budapest

Europe Club monthly seminar, “Hungary’s performance in the light of the EU-2020 programme”, presented by Zoltán Pitti, Corvinus University, Budapest

13 November 2015, Budapest

Presentation of the special “Hungarian number” of Südost-europa (no. 3/2015), “Hungary’s Path toward an illiberal system”, (guest editor, introductory remarks and conference organization and moderation by András Inotai)

18 November 2015, Budapest

The European Union at a historical crossroads: challenges and political answers (internal and external challenges, with special emphasis on migration issues)

FEPS Brussels and Táncsics Foundation of Hungary, co-organized and with concluding remarks and recommendations  by András Inotai and with participation of Tamás Szigetvári (EU-Turkey relations).

26-27 November 2015, Budapest

An international conference was organized by the Institute of World Economics (IWE), Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and the Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS, Central European University) with the title: The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism (SVOC) – Achievements and challenges for Central and Eastern Europe and the emerging markets

The conference has brought together experts from the European research arena, and even participants from Russia, Turkey and India have enriched the perspectives and views on the role of state in varieties of capitalism. Vivid interest has been geared by distinguished lectures of two top experts of the VoC research field: Martin Myant (Head of Unit European Economic, Employment and Social Policy, European Trade Union Institute), leading economist on economic transformation in East-Central Europe and Andreas Nölke (Institute forPolitical Science,Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.), leading researcher on Varieties of Capitalism in emerging markets. Numerous other senior researchers contributed to the conference as presenters and chairs of different sections, while also junior researchers and PhD students attended and actively participated. The speakers, chairs and participants have engaged in lively discussions both at the end of the two keynote lectures, and also during the sections focusing on more specific themes.


17 September 2015, Chisinau

András Deák took part in the conference “Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries”. He was the moderator of the “Presentation of the Machine industry Report”.

22-24 September 2015, Cracow

Ágnes Szunomár, Balázs Sárvári took part in the 2nd Academic Conference on China-CEE. Title of their presentations: Markets and Economies in Transition; Societies and Cultures in Transition

24 September 2015, Budapest

Challenges to be faced by the European Union (András Inotai), in Hungarian

Foreign Policy Section of the Hungarian Socialist Party

1 October 2015, Budapest

Mihály Simai was the moderator of the conference A társadalmak és a migráció: a XXI. század kihívása – Kik? Honnan? Hova? Miért?” – Societies and migration: Challenges of the 20st century – Who? From where? To where? Why?

6-9 October 2015, Madrid

Andrea Éltető – Ágnes Szunomár:   Chinese investment and trade – strengthening ties with Central and Eastern Europe. IISES 20th Academic International Conference

October 2015, Szeged

Annamária Artner: “Görögország és az eurózóna válsága”. (In Hungarian) Greece and the crisis of the Eurozone – Egyetemi Hallgatói Önkormányzat, Külügyi Bizottság. Szegedi Tudományegyetem (Szeged University)

24 October 2015, Budapest

Annamária Artner: Premature socialism – reintegration of Eastern Europe into global capitalism. Conference: “1989: Changes in East European modes of global integration”. Public Sociology Working Group Helyzet, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Eszmélet, Gólya Community Centre and Cooperative Pub

5 November 2015, Békéscsaba

Annamária Artner: “Globális fraktál: tőkeértékesülés és hierarchia”. (In Hungarian) Global fractal: capital and hierarchy – Horizontális műhely, MTA KRTK RKI

06 November 2015, Budapest

Economic security as the emerging new global and European challenge and opportunity

International Business School

12 November 2015, Budapest

“Felzárkózás vagy lemaradás? A magyar gazdaság negyedszázaddal a rendszerváltás után. (“Catching up or backwardness? The Hungarian Economy 25 years after the change of regime”). Conference of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University – Organiser Dr. Klára Katona & Dr. István Kőrösi. “The chance and perspectives of catching up of East-Central Europe in the European Union”.  Title of the lecture delivered by Dr. István Kőrösi was: “The chance and perspectives of catching up of East-Central Europe in the European Union”.

13 November 2015, Budapest

Hungary’s path toward an illiberal system. Presentation of the „Hungarian issue” (No.2/2015) of Südost-europa (guest editor and moderator András Inotai)

13-14 November 2015, Philadelphia

Andrea Szalavetz: lecture at the 3rd iBEGIN Conference. Its title was: Upgrading and value capture in global value chains – more complex than what the smile-curve suggests

16 November 2015, Budapest

Annamaria Artner: “A globális egyenlőtlenségek dimenziói és okai” (In Hungarian) Dimensions and causes of global inequalities – Vándorszeminárium. MTA KRTK

18 November 2015, Budapest

The European Union at a historical crossroads: challenges and political answers. Summary and recommendations (András Inotai)

19 November 2015, Bratislava – Comenius University

Ágnes Szunomár: Chinese investment in Central Europe – the case of Hungary

25-26 November 2015, Zagreb

Ágnes Szunomár: “Chinese investment in Europe: Business strategies and employment relations” c.ETUI workshop. Title of lecture: Comparing Chinese, Japanese and South Korean FDI in Central and Eastern Europe: macroeconomic versus institutional factors

26-27 November 2015, Budapest

Judit Ricz SVOC conference presentation’s title: Strong state influence in the Brazilian economy -continuity or change?

26-27 November 2015, Budapest

Miklós Somai SVOC conference presentation’s title: Varieties of Capitalism: the role of the State in Slovenia’s economy

29 November – 1 December 2015, Warsaw

Ágnes Szunomár: V4 Goes Global: Exploring opportunities in V4 cooperation with BASIC emerging powers” was the title of the workshop. Title of conference presentation: Hungary’s relations with China and India. Judit Ricz also took part in this conference.

2-3 December 2015, Yangon

Ágnes Orosz took part in the conference “Economic Transformation, Development and Cooperation: The Past, the Present and the Future”. Title of her paper: The Role of Foreign Trade in the Economic Transformation of V4 and CLMV

3 December 2015, Budapest

Dr. Judit Kiss: “Trade between Indonesia and Hungary with Special Focus on Agriculture” on the workshop “Go Hungary – Go Indonesia, Business, Cultural and Educational Cooperation”

14 December 2015, Budapest

Andrea Szalavetz at the EADI workshop: Crisis-driven reorganisation of firms’ value chains – Upgrading opportunities for peripheral subsidiaries?