Past events at the Institute for World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Winter 2015/16


22-23 February 2016, Budapest – Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business: “The current issues of economic and social integration in Hungary and Taiwan

11 February 2016, Budapest – headquarters of IWE CERS HAS
Guest Room with  Sándor Kusai,  former Hungary’s ambassador to China: Cooperation  between China and the CEE countries – strategy or tactics?
Ágnes Szunomár was asked to contribute with her remarks.

11 February 2016, Minsk – capital of Belarus
Ágnes Orosz’s presentation on ’FDI patterns in Hungary’ – within the frames of the conference  ’’Studying  V4  and  Georgia  experience  in  the  field  of  administrative reforms to facilitate economic development in Belarus”

10 February 2016, Budapest – Hotel Béke Radisson
Miklós Somai: EU budget development beyond 2020 (EU-költségvetés 2020 után) experts meeting on EU Cohesion support beyond 2020, an event of the Hungarian Joint Venture Association, SME Committee

4 February 2016, Budapest – Institute of World Economics CERS HAS workshop
Miklós Somai: The Role of the State in Slovenian Economy (Az állam szerepe a szlovén gazdaságbanFebruári műhelybeszélgetés)

2 February 2016, Budapest – Antall József Knowledge Centre
Ágnes Szunomár’s lecture on China’s New Role in the World Economy

26 January 2016, Budapest – Year-opening conference of the daily paper “Világgazdaság”=World Economy.
András Inotai’s closing speech on “Five uncertain factors of the global economy that may threaten all business plans”

19 January 2016, Budapest – Europe Club
András Inotai took part at the monthly Europe Club meeting, presentation of the Annual Report of the Hungarian-EU Business Club (based on the 2015 report on “Stronger Hungary in a stronger Europe”

15 January 2016, Cologne – Technical Business School
András Inotai’s panel discussion on ‘Europe at the Crossroads: The future of the Euro Area and Europe’ conference (with Hans-Helmut Kotz, Center for European Studies, Harvard and former Board Member Bundesbank, Alojzy Nowak, pro-rector of the University of Warsaw and Willem Noe, EU Commission DG NEAR)

14 January 2016, Budapest – IWE CERS HAS
Mihály Simai: The Paris climate agreement and the changing politico-economic world order. New workshop series of IWE – “Guest Room” – on actual topics with guest lecturers.