Past events at the Institute of European Politics (Germany)


Workshop: “Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management”

2 January 2017, Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies, Ukraine

 In April of this year the Institute for European Politics (IEP) started its training series Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management for members of the Ukrainian civil society. Over the course of 8 workshops the participants received the skills and knowledge to apply for EU funding as well as to manage EU funded projects according to EU requirements (the EU Project Cycle) and to effectively pass on this knowledge to other members of the Ukrainian civil society. The training series is part of IEPs Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP) that is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine association process.


IEP Public Lunch Debate with Joachim Bertele, Federal Chancellery: “European Ostpolitik from the German Perspective”

14 December 2016, Europäisches Haus, Germany

The IEP Lunch Debate on the theme “European Ostpolitik from the German Perspective” with Dr. Joachim Bertele, group leader for foreign policy, security policy, and global questions in the Federal Chancellery, took place on 14 December, 2016, in the Europäisches Haus. Dr. Bertele was welcomed by Richard Kühnel, Representative of the European Commission in Germany.  The event was moderated by Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp, Director of the Institute for European Politics (IEP).


Workshop: “Strengthening civil society in the fight against corruption in Moldova”

13 December 2016, Institute for European Policies and Reforms, Moldova

On 13 December the Anticorruption Conference ”Civil Society Strategic Anticorruption Priorities” took place in Chisinau. With this public event, IEP’s training series on “Strengthening civil society in the fight against corruption in Moldova” was successfully concluded. The main goal of the Conference was to present specific anticorruption interventions, identified jointly by representatives of civil society, business and the education sector, during the workshops held from July to October 2016. The proposals referred to six key priority areas: (1) fight against high-level corruption, (2) anti-corruption actions in the justice sector, (3) transparency, (4) combating political control, (5) combating corruption in the business sector and (6) combating corruption in the education sector.


 Workshop: “9th workshop on EU Association in the Ukrainian Parliament”

12 – 13 December 2016, Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine

 On 12-13 December, Constanze Aka successfully implemented the 9th and final training of IEP’s training series on EU association and coordination in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The workshop gave a comprehensive overview of the functions and procedures of Bilateral Bodies for the implementation of AA/DCFTA. Participants engaged in a lively simulation of an EU-Ukraine bilateral meeting on transport or sustainable development respectively.