Past events at the Institute of World Economics (Hungary)

22 Febr. 2017      ChinaCham – Budapest

The perspectives of Hungarian-Chinese relations in the changing geopolitical situation’ – lecture by Ágnes Szunomár IWE CERS HAS & Gergely Salát (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences; Pázmány Péter Catholic University)

2 March 2017      IWE CERS HAS Budapest

‘German interests and engagement in managing the Greek crises’ – lecture and debate moderated by Zsófia Naszádos. Within the frames of ‘Workshop Talks on Thursdays’ series. (In Hungarian)

9 March 2017      CERS HAS – Budapest

Europe in China’s new strategy’ – lecture by professor Bogdan J. Góralczyk, director of Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw. Within the frames of ‘Economics with policy – International seminar series’ of CERS HAS.

9-10 March 2017 Mendel University – Brno, Czech Republic

Conference on ‘Enterprise and Competitive Environment’

“Ecological footprint tax for the development of local agri-food business” – lecture by Miklós Somai in the ‘Fair and sustainable taxation’ section.

21 March 2017    Club Europe    – Budapest

Monthly conference by Rastislav Káčer, ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Hungary on ‘Current and future challenges of the European Union – Sixty years after the Rome Treaty’. Organized and following debate moderated by András Inotai


23-24 March 2017 European Association for Comparative Economic Studies – University of Szeged, Hungary

Ádám Kerényi: Changing role of the state in CEE countries – challenges in the post-truth era

Miklós Somai: ‘Challenges and opportunities related to disintegration in the European Union’ – a presentation held at the workshop „European Economic Integration Theory Revisited”.

Miklós Szanyi: ‘Regional inequalities and foreign direct investments. The case of Hungary’

All the three lectures of our colleagues above had been held within the frames of the workshop European Economic Integration Theory Revisited’

30 March 2017    Corvinus University – Budapest

‘The USA, China and Russia’ – conference on the world economic crisis, our institute was one of the organizers. Ágnes Szunomár among the participants.

6 April 2017         József Bognár Economic Research Foundation & IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

Memorial event celebrating the centenary of the birth of Professor József Bognár held on the topic of “Selected basic issues of economic security”

3 April 2017         IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

Guest lecturer:  Xabier Arrizabalo Montoro (professor at the University of Complutense, Madrid) on ‘Economic, Social and Political Situation in Latin-America’ within the frames of IWE’s workshop series – “Guest Room

13 April 2017       IWE CERS HAS Budapest

‘Turkey: European integration or Eastern opening‘ – lecture and debate moderated by Tamás Szigetvári. Within the frames of ‘Workshop Talks on Thursdays’ series. (In Hungarian)

25 April 2017       Club Europe – Budapest

Monthly conference on ‘What future for Hungary in a changing EU?’ – lecture by Gábor Zupkó, head of representation, European Commission. To be organized and following debate moderated by András Inotai