Past events at the Italian International Affairs Institute

7 April, Skopje

Conference with F.Nelli Feroci, president, IAI, at the signing of the MOU of cooperation between IAI and the Institute for Geostrategic Research & Foreign Policy of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alongside the conference, Mr Nelli Feroci met the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki.

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5 April, Rome

“The Western Balkans in the European Union: Enlargement to what, accession to what?”. In the run up to the Italian Summit on the Western Balkans scheduled to take place in Trieste on 12 July 2017, the International Conference –  in cooperation with Centre International de Formation Européenne (Cife) and Centre franco-autrichiene pour le rapprochement en Europe (CFA) – brought together a number of European experts to reflect on the challenges facing the EU and its enlargement towards the Western Balkans. The meeting kicked off a series of events such as a Second Reflection Forum and a Civil Society Forum, which will be both hosted in Trieste in May and July 2017 respectively.

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4 April, Rome

“Serbia at the crossroads: domestic developments and relations with EU and Russia”. Seminar with Ivan Vejvoda, Permanent Fellow, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna and Former Senior Vice President, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Washington

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21 March, Rome

“In defence of Europe”. Conference with Loukas Tsoukalis, Professor of European Integration, University of Athens, and President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy. The Conference – with the participation of Sandro Gozi, State Secretary for European Affairs – discussed Loukas Tsoukalis’ latest book ‘In Defence of Europe. Can the European Project Be Saved?’ published by Oxford University Press.



20  March, Rome

“EU60: Re-Founding Europe. The Responsibility to Propose”. In the run-up to the 60th Anniversary of the Rome Treaties, this was the second #EU60 event organised by IAI and the Italian Foreign Ministry, in cooperation with the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF), in the framework of the strategic partnership with the Compagnia San Paolo and with the support of Edison and Intesa San Paolo. Hosted at the Italian Foreign Ministry on 20 March, the conference was entitled “EU60: Re-Founding Europe. The Responsibility to Propose” and included the presentation of research outputs developed during the project. In this context, IAI has published a final policy paper outlining recommendations directed at EU Member States that will be meeting in Italy for the anniversary celebrations marking 60 years since the signing of the Rome Treaties. The one-day conference included a number of experts, policymakers and diplomats from different European contexts and is open to the general public.

LINK: (Programme, papers, Italian report, images)


16 March, Rome

“The Re-launching of Europe and the Rome Treaties: A Historical Reappraisal and a Model for Today’s Integration”. The conference is part of various initiatives undertaken by the Italian Government to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome. The conference reviewed, from a historical perspective, different interpretations about the “relaunch of Europe”, linking these to the contemporary challenges the EU faces today. During the conference, the Policy Planning Unit (UAP) of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Committee for the publication of Italian diplomatic documents presented the first volume of a new thematic series, focused on Italy’s role in the relaunching of Europe.

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14 March, Rome

“NATO and the crises south of Europe – Projecting stability on NATO southern neighbourhood”. International conference jointly organised by IAI and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, in partnership with NATO Defence College and Elettronica, as well as with Rivista Italiana Difesa as media partner. Instability, crises and conflicts in in the Mediterranean area are interconnected with international Islamic terrorism and the flow of refugees and migrants which Europe has to face. Stabilizing North Africa and Middle East should be a shared goal to which NATO, EU and single member states could contribute.

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3 March, Rome

“New Pact for Europe”. Meeting within the framework of New Pact for Europe research project.

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24 February, Budapest

“The refugee debate in Central and Eastern Europe: Can the EU-Turkey deal survive without intra EU convergence on relocation and resettlement?”. Seminar in the framework of the Global Turkey in Europe research project. After three highly stimulating events in Istanbul, Athens and Catania, Budapest hosted the fourth of a series of workshops on the refugee crisis under the Global Turkey in Europe programme. In Budapest, the GTE project discussed the implications of existing intra-European divisions on relocation and more broadly on EU asylum and migration policies for the plausibility of devising and implementing a European response to the refugee crisis. It will focus in particular on the consequences of these divisions on the effective implementation of the EU-Turkey deal.

LINK: (Programme, report)