Past events at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Seminar: Implementing Disaster Risk Reduction. 20 april 2017. The Swedish institute of international affairs.

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), together with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), held a seminar about the Sendai Framework and about the practical implementation of disaster risk reduction.


Seminar: North Korea and East Asian Security. 17 march 2017.  The Swedish institute of international affairs.

North Korea has been under United Nations’ sanctions since 2006 over its nuclear and ballistic missile tests. How do neighboring states, including Japan, view the current situation? Do any viable tools remain for affecting change in North Korea? Are increased and tougher sanctions the way to go? .


Seminar: Does the New Asia Infrastructure Development Bank Add Anything New? 29 march 2017.

When China proposed a new development bank in Asia devoted to infrastructure, there were numerous questions raised. These included whether there was really a need for another development bank, whether the new bank would have sufficiently high environmental and social safeguards and be as transparent as…


Seminar: The Future of Nordic-Russian Relations. 7 April 2017

Two of the Nordic countries share borders with Russia, and the Baltic and the Barents Seas also bind us together. Historically, events in Russia have had a direct impact on stability and development in the Nordic Region.