Past events at the Institute for World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Summer 2014


“Thursday workshops” regular monthly workshop at IWE, 3 July 2014, Budapest

The workshop was dedicated to the broad topic of “Crisis management in the UK, the case of the Scottish referendum and Britain’s relations to the EU”, presented by senior researcher Krisztina Vida.

Roundtable discussion with Erhard Busek, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, András Inotai, Karl Fürst zu Schwarzenberg and Karl Sevelda on “25 Years European Reunion”, organized by the Raiffeisen Bank International on 26 June in Vienna.

Club Europe, 17 June 2014, Budapest. The June Club meeting was dedicated to the topic: “The new Land Law and its expected economic and social impacts” presented by agricultural economist Mr. György Raskó.

Conference organised by IWE on: “International challenges of the next four years and Hungary”. 16 June 2014, Corvinus University Budapest. From IWE the following speakers contributed to the event. Prof. Mihály Simai on global risks and the new interests and values of the world’s main actors; followed by three senior researchers: István Kőrösi on the EU’s partnership role from the point of view of Hungary’s economic development; Ágnes Szunomár on the transformation of the Chinese economy and opportunities for Hungary, András Deák on the challenges of the ‘Putin model’. Finally, Prof. Péter Ákos Bod, lecturer at the Corvinus University Budapest analysed the perspectives of the Hungarian economy in a regional comparison.

Conference at the Warsaw School of Economics: “Creating greater synergies among the EU countries: a new perspective for Visegrad countries”. 12 June 2014, Warsaw. From IWE two senior researchers contributed to the conference: Krisztina Vida held a presentation on “Ten years in the EU: the experience of Hungary in the context of the Visegrad countries” and Andrea Szalavetz on the “Impact of EU accession on Hungary’s innovation performance”.

Wroclaw Global Forum, 6 June 2014. Contribution by IWE senior researcher András Deák to the panel on “Energy Flows and Security in the 21st Century”.

“Thursday workshops” regular monthly workshop at IWE, 5 June 2014, Budapest. Senior researcher Sándor Meisel introduced the topic of “Baltic miracle in the EU?” (in Hungarian). During the event the specificities of the Baltic catching up until the crisis, and the three countries’ crisis management methods as well as their post-crisis performance has been discussed. The main question of the debate was whether a certain Baltic model exists or not.

“Ten years of the New Europe”. Conference on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Enlargement, Lecture by András Inotai “Ten years of EU Membership a Critical Balance from Hungary”, 29-30 May 2014, Florence, Italy

“EU enlargement and the Western Balkans – 10 years after Thessaloniki”, by András Inotai in the framework of the international conference “Looking Southeast: Providing Fresh Impetus towards EU Membership” organized by the Central European University and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Budapest, on 28 May 2014

Seminar at the Warsaw School of Economics on: Chinese financial assistance in Visegrad countries: myth or reality?” 26 May 2014, Warsaw. Co-organised by IWE and Warsaw School of Economics with the participation of the Institute of International Relations, Prague, and Institute of Asian Studies, Bratislava. The event was financed by the International Visegrad Fund. From IWE two senior researchers made a presentation: Zsuzsánna Biedermann and Ágnes Szunomár on the themes of Chinese OFDI in Europe as well as on Chinese financial and non-financial investments in Hungary.

Club Europe, 20 May 2014, Budapest. During the May Club meeting the topic of „Europe’s fragmented party landscape and the perspective of an EU-wide party system” was presented by Prof. Rudolf Hrbek (University of Tübingen, visiting professor at the College of Europe, Bruges). His very informative and interesting exposé was followed by a lively debate.

Ten Years after the Accession to the European Union. Experience and Hungarian politics in the European Union”, Lecture by András Inotai in Berlin (in German), organized by the Association of ex-members of the Representatives of the Senate Berlin and the German-Hungarian Society, 14 May 2014

Conference at the London Metropolitan University on “China after 35 Years of Economic Transition”. 8-9 May 2014. IWE senior researcher Ágnes Szunomár contributed with a presentation on “Chinese FDI in Central and Eastern Europe”