Past events at the Institute for World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Winter 2013/2014

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The Institute of World Economics organised the following Europe Club monthly events:

– End-year evaluation and short-term prospects of the European integration (with Péter Balázs, former EU-Commissioner and minister of foreign affairs, Péter Tálas and László Valki), 28 January 2014
– Utilization of EU transfers in Hungary (Péter Heil), 25 February 2014
– The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (Lutz Göllner from the European Commission and Zsolt Becsey), 3 March 2014
– Critical assessment of the Eastern Partnership (Tamás Szigetvári), 18 March 2014
– Hungary and the European Union: evaluation of one decade of membership and personal thoughts about the future of the Union (András Inotai), 15 April 2014

The Institute of World Economics organised the following other events:

IWE workshop on welfare state models presented by Ágnes Orosz, followed by a discussion (in Hungarian), 9 January 2014

IWE workshop on youth unemployment and basic income presented by Annamária Artner, followed by a discussion (in Hungarian), 6 February 2014

Russia’s strategy in international politics and the global economy: Russia’s relations with the United States (Mihály Simai), with China (Ágnes Szunomár) and energy issues (Csaba Weiner), 12 March 2014

IWE special workshop on Hungary’s EU membership: multiannual financial framework (Miklós Somai), comparative analysis of membership of the Visegrad countries (Krisztina Vida) and of the Baltic States (Sándor Meisel), crisis management and EMU (Margit Rácz), 27 March 2014

The Institute of World Economics also organised activities abroad:

András Inotai’s lecture on “Ungarn, die Europaeische Union und Deutschland”, conference linked to the prize provided to András Inotai by the Thyssen-Stiftung in October 2013, 16 January 2014, Cologne

Tamás Novák on “Implications of TTIP on global economic integration of Central and Eastern Europe” presentation given at the conference entitled: “Before and After the TTIP: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States”, 28 February 2014, Conference at the University of Miami

András Inotai on “Alternative against austerity: a future-oriented strategy for Europe” organized by Progressive Economic Initiative of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, 6 March 2014, Brussels, round table discussion

Tamás Novák on “Impact of the European Union Crisis on V4 Countries: Old and New Challenges”, 26 March 2014, Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, Toronto

XVth April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, Csaba Weiner on “The Contest for Gas Resources and Markets in the Post-Soviet space: Dependence and Diversification”, Moscow, 2 April 2014

András Inotai on “The neighbourhood: Ukraine, the EU and the Russian problem” International conference on Progressive Renaissance for Europe, organized by FEPS and Progressive Economic Studies, 4 April 2014, Brussels, round table discussion

András Inotai on “What growth and employment strategies for Europe?” (same conference and organizers as above), 4 April 2014, Brussels, round table discussion